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Update for primary care

Our monthly newsletter for GPs and others working in primary care. To subscribe email

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Medicines and prescribing alerts

NICE now provides a range of newsletters and alerts on medicines and prescribing-related topics

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Evidence Updates Alerts

Evidence Updates highlight new evidence relating to published accredited guidance. If you want to be alerted when new Evidence Updates are published, please send an email to and we will add you to our distribution list.

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Medicines Awareness Service

Provides a daily and/or weekly email service to keep you up-to-date on current awareness and evidence-based information relating to medicines and prescribing.

NICE works with UKMi to highlight key medicines information which can be personalised to provide you with the information that best fits your needs. All the content is also available via NICE Evidence Search.

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Public Health Evidence Awareness Service

Provides links to a selection of key evidence-based public health information that has been added to NICE Evidence Search in the past month.

The monthly email service is published on the first Tuesday of the month.


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Eyes on Evidence Awareness Service

Highlights and provides expert commentary on important new evidence in health, public health and social care. The service helps to put the evidence in context and includes an explanation about what the findings mean for current practice.

The monthly email service is published on the second Wednesday of the month and the individual articles are available via NICE Evidence Search.


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