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Update for primary care

Our monthly newsletter for GPs and others working in primary care.

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Medicines and prescribing alerts

An alerts service to keep you up-to-date with a range of medicines and prescribing-related topics including:

  • Evidence summaries: new medicines
  • Evidence summaries: unlicensed / off-label medicines

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Evidence resources library bulletin

Our quarterly bulletin provides up-to-date news and information relevant to the library and knowledge services community.


Social care update

A monthly bulletin detailing social care related activities at NICE including: 

  • upcoming guidance consultations
  • committee recruitment
  • implementation tools 
  • related activities.


Eyes on evidence awareness service

A monthly email service that summarises and provides expert commentary on important new evidence in health, public health and social care, to help busy professionals stay up-to-date.

Outlines how the new evidence fits in with current guidance and provides expert views on how the evidence might influence practice.

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Medicines awareness service

A daily or weekly email service that provides links to current awareness and evidence-based information relating to medicines and prescribing.

Provides a quick overview of the latest evidence-based information, to help busy health professionals stay up to date.

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Public health evidence awareness service

A monthly email service containing links to the most recent and relevant public health publications.

Provides a quick overview of the latest evidence-based information, to help busy public health professionals stay up to date.

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Surveillance report alerts

Surveillance reports contain important new evidence relating to NICE guidelines. They contain:

  • a summary of new evidence related to the guideline 
  • an in-depth commentary on a selection of this evidence
  • a decision on whether the relevant guideline should be updated, with the rationale behind this.


Surveillance Reports replace Evidence Updates. Evidence updates were produced to highlight new evidence relating to published accredited guidance.

Published evidence updates are available via evidence search, the individual guideline pages on the NICE website and from the link below.

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The evidence update programme has now finished.