NICE Evidence Services are a suite of services that provide internet access to high quality authoritative evidence and best practice. NICE Evidence Services are for everyone working in health and social care who make decisions about treatments, interventions or the use of resources.

While NICE Evidence Services are designed primarily for professionals and practitioners, patients and the wider public are also able to search most of the content.

The services cover health, social care and public health evidence. NICE Evidence Services aim to help professionals make better and quicker evidence-based decisions and consist of the following 6 resources:

Evidence Search

Provides free open access to a unique index of selected and authoritative health and social care evidence-based information.

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Journals and Databases

Provides access to an extensive set of journals and bibliographic databases - Includes Healthcare Database Advanced Search (HDAS)

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NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries

Provide primary care practitioners with access to evidence-based guidance on over 330 key conditions presenting in primary care.

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British National Formulary

Provides open access to BNF content across the UK.

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A database of Evidence Uncertainties which provides research funders and researchers access to the ‘known unknowns' in the evidence base.

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Bulletins, Alerts and Evidence Awareness service

Helps busy professionals keep up to date with important new evidence.

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