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NICE International is leading a technical quality initiative in collaboration with the Institute for Health Improvement (IHI) as part of the Joint Learning Network (JLN). The JLN is a cross-learning platform for low and middle income countries that are in the process of introducing health financing reforms with the aim of achieving universal health coverage for their population. Working on the principles of practitioner-to-practitioner learning and cross-country exchange it provides an environment and resources for these countries to share their experiences and challenges in implementing their reforms. The JLN is funded by several partners including the Rockefeller Foundation, Results for Development and the ACCESS Health Initiative.

Over the next two years NICE International and IHI will provide a structured environment for JLN country members to learn about the multiple options available for payer-led quality initiatives and how to organize and measure quality. They will also facilitate opportunities for these countries to test new, innovative approaches of linking finance-driven initiatives to enhance the quality of their healthcare improvement reforms.


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Update December 2012

NICE International (NI), as part of the work of the JLN Quality Track carried out scoping visits to the Philippines and Vietnam.

In the Philippines, the visit included meetings with Secretary Dr Ona and Assistant Secretary Dr Valera of the Department of Health (DoH); the Chief Executive of PhilHealth, Dr Banzon; and head of FDA, Dr Hartigan-Go, as well as a broader group of stakeholders, with a view to identifying specific actionable next steps in supporting the transition towards Universal Health Coverage. The updating of the PhilHealth package and also a review of the process of formulary listing by DoH were viewed as important priorities. A plan of action for possible joint engagement is being prepared.

NI is also due to participate in a side meeting during ASEAN+3 in Bangkok, with the Filipino and Thai delegations, on priority setting processes in the context of UHC.

In Vietnam, the visit included meetings with Minister of Health Madame Tien, and Directors General from a number of Departments including Medical Services Administration, Planning and Finance as well as the Health Strategy and Policy Institute and Vietnam Health Economics Association, VSS (the major insurer in Vietnam), WHO and the World Bank. Clinical quality indicators underpinned by pathways and also a stronger mechanism for updating the basic package of medicines and services which the Department of Health Insurance maintains, were identified as key priorities. During the visit, NI was also invited to give a plenary at the country's first Quality Forum, chaired by the Minister and attended by over 300 delegates from across the country.

Joint learning network Philippines and Vietnam

Update August 2012

Presented the results of the Joint Learning Network's Quality Track fact-finding missions as a poster at the Guidelines International Network 2012 conference in Berlin. The poster highlighted the use of clinical guidelines to improve care quality in the ten JLN member countries, and was shortlisted for the conference poster prize.

GIN 2012

Update February 2012

Kalipso Chalkidou and Francoise Cluzeau joined other colleagues from the Joint Learning Network (JLN) and the JLN secretariat for a strategic and technical planning retreat in Bellagio, Italy. This was the first such event since all four JLN technical tracks have been established. In a series of focused workshops the participants reviewed the current progress with the JLN activities and country engagement and discussed strategic direction for the network. Specifically, they identified technical topics of mutual interest across the four technical tracks and they outlined specific collaborative projects that will be undertaken across JLN countries in the coming year in response to countries' specific requests for support in moving towards universal health coverage.

Bellagio JLN February 2012

Update January 2012

NICE International participated in a number of activities during the Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC). PMAC, supported by the Royal Thai government, is one of the most important annual events in global healthcare policy and practice, bringing together policy makers, researchers and donors from across the world.

The theme for 2012 was Universal Healthcare Coverage and role of Healthcare Finance.

NICE International was invited to participate in the conference International Organising Committee for 2012. In addition, NICE International had the opportunity to contribute to the PMAC programme through its long-standing collaboration with HITAP, the Thai Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Programme, as well as through the Rockefeller-sponsored Joint Learning Network.

  • HITAP and NICE International co-hosted, with the US-based Centre for Global Development, a day-long pre-conference session on the role of Evidence-informed resource allocation, health technology assessment (HTA) and basic packages of care. During the session, CGD lead for health, Amanda Glassman, discussed the draft recommendations of the CGD working group on Priority Setting Institutions to be published soon. The session was attended by policy makers, clinicians and researchers from a range of countries, including Thailand, India, the Philippines, South Africa, Indonesia, Colombia, Chile, Ghana and Kenya.
  • NICE International, as the co-lead of the Joint Learning Network Quality Track co-hosted, with the US Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and with the support of Results for Development and the World Bank, a two-day session on the ways payers can improve quality in low and middle-income countries. The session was attended by payers from 10 countries, including India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Mali, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. As part of JLN, NICE International also worked with IHI the World Bank and R4D to deliver a parallel session on Day 2 of the conference on the theme of quality and payment reform.

JLN Quality Track meeting: Jan 2012

Update November 2011

NICE International, in collaboration with colleagues from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, ran a series of interviews in Bangkok as part of our on-going work on the Quality Track of the Joint Learning Network (JLN). The interviews aimed to begin to generate an understanding of the Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS) and other health insurance schemes; and to begin to understand the policy levers and financial structures which have been utilised to build and maintain quality within the Thai health system. Interviews were conducted with colleagues from the Health Insurance System Research Office; The National Health Security Office, who are responsible for the financing and administration of the UCS; Naresuan University; and the Healthcare Accreditation Institute (photo below). The results from the interviews will be used to inform the continuing fact-finding in JLN member countries, and to explore ways in which countries may usefully and practically learn from one another in implementing their universal coverage systems.

NI Thailand

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