Urological (CSGUC)

  • Cancer service guidance CSGUC
  • Issued: September 2002
    • Improving outcomes in urological cancers

      NICE has issued guidance on the organisation of healthcare for people with a urological cancer. The guidance recommends which healthcare professionals should be involved in treatment and care, and the types of hospital or cancer centre that are best suited to provide that healthcare.

      Although the guidance does sometimes refer to appropriate forms of investigation and treatment, it doesn’t provide detailed information on these areas.

      The key recommendations are:

      • People should be treated by a multidisciplinary team
      • Team members should have appropriate clinical skills
      • Radical surgery for prostate and bladder cancer should be carried out by specialist teams
      • Information and support should be improved
      • More research is needed on treatment

      This page was last updated: 21 February 2013

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      Information for the public Urological

      Information for the public

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The summary of the key recommendations in the guidance written for patients, carers and those with little medical knowledge and may be used in local patient information leaflets.

Quick Reference Guide

The quick reference guide presents recommendations for health professionals

NICE Guidance

The published NICE clinical guidance, contains the recommendations for health professionals and NHS bodies.

Full Guidance

The published full clinical guidance for specialists with background, evidence, recommendations and methods used.