The NICE Glossary provides brief definitions and explanations of terms used on our site. The terms describe how we work and how our guidance is produced.

Our glossary excludes specific clinical and medical terms. If you cannot find the term you are looking for, please email us so that we can consider adding it to the glossary.

Some definitions and examples are based on those in the 'HTAi consumer and patient glossary', with thanks to Health Technology Assessment International.

  • Likelihood ratio

    The ratio of the probability that a person with a condition has a specified test result to the probability that a person without the condition has the same specified test result.
  • Local government briefings

    Briefings about NICE guidance, for local government and partner organisations in the health and voluntary sectors, in particular, those involved with health and wellbeing boards.
  • Longitudinal study

    A study of the same group of people at different times. This contrasts with a cross-sectional study, which observes a group of people at a point in time.
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