Review decision date: May 2014

Review decision: 

This guideline should not be updated at this time.

For further information, please refer to Surveillance Review Decision.

May 2015 - This guideline will shortly be checked to see if it needs updating, please register as a stakeholder to be informed about the decision.

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Next review date: TBC

The advice in the NICE guideline covers:

  • how healthcare professionals should recognise the symptoms of a stroke or transient ischaemic attack (TIA) and make a diagnosis quickly
  • when people should have a brain scan and other types of scan
  • specialist care for people in the first 2 weeks after a stroke
  • drug treatments for people who have had a stroke
  • surgery for people who have had a stroke.

Responsibility for undertaking a review of this guidance at the designated review date has passed to the National Clinical Guidelines Centre for Acute and Chronic Conditions (NCGC-ACC) The National Collaborating Centre for Chronic Conditions is no longer active.

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