Type 2 diabetes foot problems: Prevention and management of foot problems

NICE guidelines [CG10] Published date:

Consultation on review proposal with stakeholders: 01 June 2011 - 14 June 2011

Review decision date: August 2011

Review decision: 

An update of this guideline is underway to coincide with publication of the four diabetes guidelines currently being updated.

Diabetic footcare (update of CG10 and CG119)

Next review date: January 2014

The NICE clinical guideline on type 2 diabetes – footcare makes recommendations about:

  • educating people with type 2 diabetes and carers about foot problems
  • what is meant by being ‘at risk? of foot problems and how people at risk are identified
  • prevention of foot problems
  • detection of foot problems
  • care for people with type 2 diabetes who have foot problems

The NICE guideline does not cover the care of people with foot problems who do not have type 2 diabetes, nor does it cover surgical procedures such as amputation or rehabilitation after amputation.

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