Review decision: February 2016

We checked this guideline and decided that it should be updated. For details, see the update decision, decision matrix and the process for deciding if an update is needed. Details of the update will be available on the guidelines in development webpage in due course. No further checks of this guideline will be scheduled until this update is published.

This clinical guideline updates and replaces NICE technology appraisal 93 (published in August 2005). It offers evidence-based advice on the diagnosis and management of colorectal cancer.

This guideline was previously called colorectal cancer: the diagnosis and management of colorectal cacner.

In colorectal cancer, cells in the colon or in the rectum start to grow in an uncontrolled way, forming a lump called the primary cancer or primary tumour. Like other cancers, colorectal cancer starts in a small area but can spread to other parts of the body to form metastatic tumours.

The term colorectal cancer covers cancers in both the colon (colon cancer) and the rectum (rectal cancer).

December 2014

Recommendations on surgery and colonic stents in acute large bowel obstruction and on stage I rectal cancer in sections 1.2.2 and 1.2.4 have been added. The addendum to NICE guideline CG131 contains details of the methods and evidence used to update these recommendations.

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