Review decision date: July 2014

Review decision: 

Following the recent surveillance review which checks  the need to update CG132, this guideline should not be updated at this time. This guideline will be checked again for update at its scheduled time point according to the methods described here.

Next review date: June 2016

This clinical guideline updates and replaces NICE clinical guideline 13 (published April 2004). It offers evidence-based advice on the care of women who:

  • have had a caesarean section in the past and are now pregnant again
  • have a clinical indication for a caesarean section or
  • are considering a caesarean section when there is no other indication.

New and updated recommendations have been included on:

  • the risks and benefits of planned caesarean section compared with planned vaginal birth
  • care of women considered at risk of a morbidly adherent placenta
  • appropriate care and choices for women who are HIV positive
  • care of women requesting a caesarean section without a clinical indication
  • decision-to-delivery intervals to be used as audit standards
  • timing of the administration of antibiotics for caesarean section
  • appropriate care and choices for women who have previously had a caesarean section.

August 2012: Recommendations and have been removed from this guideline. See Changes after publication for further details.

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