Review decision: 

Following the recent review recommendation, an update of this guideline is currently in the process of being scheduled into the work programme. Details of any update will be available on the guidelines in development webpage.  

The NICE clinical guideline on preoperative tests covers tests that are often carried out when someone is due to have a planned (elective) surgical operation and that are carried out before the operation by doctors or nurses in hospitals, preoperative assessment clinics or, in some cases, in the GP’s surgery or health centres.

The NICE guideline makes recommendations on the circumstances in which the tests should be done, not done, or considered – for example, whether a certain test is recommended may depend on the patient’s age or how serious the planned operation is.

Responsibility for undertaking a review of this guidance at the designated review date has passed to the National Clinical Guidelines Centre for Acute and Chronic Conditions (NCGCACC). The National Collaborating Centre for Acute Care is no longer active.