Urinary tract infection in children: Diagnosis, treatment and long-term management

NICE guidelines [CG54] Published date:

Review decision date: October 2013

Review decision: 

Following the recent surveillance review which checks  the need to update CG54, this guideline should not be updated at this time. This guideline will be checked again for update at its scheduled time point according to the methods described here .

Next review date: September 2015

This NICE guideline is about the care and treatment in the NHS in England and Wales of babies, children and young people who are younger than 16 years with a urinary tract infection (UTI).

The advice in the NICE guideline covers the investigations and treatment that should be given to children younger than 16 years who have a UTI, and the information that should be offered to their families.

It does not look at:

  • children who have already been diagnosed with any other kidney, bladder or urinary problems
  • children whose immune system is not working properly
  • children in intensive care units
  • long-term management of repeated UTIs in sexually active girls.

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