Chronic kidney disease: Early identification and management of chronic kidney disease in adults in primary and secondary care

NICE guidelines [CG73] Published date:

Review decision: 

This guideline is currently being updated. Further information can be found on the Chronic kidney disease (update) page.

Next review date: July 2014

The advice in the NICE guideline covers:

  • the tests doctors should use to diagnose long-term kidney problems (chronic kidney disease)
  • the best treatment and care for adults diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, and when they should be referred to specialist renal services
  • the general management of chronic kidney disease from a variety of causes including diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

It does not specifically look at the care of:

  • children (aged under 16 years)
  • people receiving kidney dialysis or who have had a kidney transplant
  • pregnant women with chronic kidney disease
  • people with short-lasting damage to their kidneys.

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