Review decision date: April 2012

Review decision: 

This guideline should not be updated at this time. For further information, please refer to the surveillance review decision.

This guideline will shortly be checked to see if it needs updating, please register as a stakeholder to be informed about the decision.

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Next review date: December 2015

The advice in this guideline covers:

  • some of the tests and treatments that patients with early and locally advanced breast cancer should be offered, in particular:
    – reducing the amount of surgery under your arm
    – breast reconstruction when breast conservation is not possible
    – chemotherapy and endocrine treatments
    – biological treatments.

It does not specifically look at:

  • the care of patients with advanced breast cancer or those with rare or non-cancerous tumours of the breast
  • the care of people who do not have breast cancer themselves but have a family history of the disease.

The NICE guideline on advanced breast cancer has been updated. It includes recommendations on exercise for people with or at risk of breast-cancer-related lymphoedema, and these are also relevant for people with early or locally advanced breast cancer. They can be found in section 1.5 of the guideline.

  • NICE has produced separate advice for the care of patients with advanced breast cancer and people who have a family history of the disease.

    This guideline updates the following technology appraisals:

    NICE and the Department of Health are currently reviewing the future position on updating technology appraisals within clinical guidelines, with particular reference to implications for the funding direction on technology appraisals. In the meantime, the technology appraisal guidance remains available and should continue to be followed. The statutory funding direction remains in place for the recommendations contained in the technology appraisal guidance.

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