Omalizumab for severe persistent allergic asthma

NICE technology appraisals [TA133] Published date:

This guidance has been replaced by TA278 Asthma (severe, persistent, patients aged 6+, adults) - omalizumab (rev TA133, TA201)

Omalizumab is recommended as a possible treatment for adults and young people over 12 years with severe persistent allergic asthma when all of the following circumstances apply.

  • When the person's asthma is still severe and unstable despite best efforts to control it with other asthma medicines taken as directed by their doctor.
  • When the person has stopped smoking, if their doctor feels it is appropriate.
  • When the person has allergic asthma. This should be confirmed by checking past symptoms and skin testing for allergies.
  • When the person has had at least two asthma attacks within the past year that have needed admission to hospital, or when the person has had three or more severe asthma attacks within the past year, one of which has needed admission to hospital and the other two have needed additional treatment in an accident and emergency department.

Omalizumab treatment should be given along with the person's current asthma medicines. It should be prescribed by a doctor who is experienced in asthma and allergy medicine at a specialist centre.

If omalizumab does not control the asthma after 16 weeks, treatment should be stopped.

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