Prasugrel for the treatment of acute coronary syndromes with percutaneous coronary intervention

NICE technology appraisals [TA182] Published date:

This guidance has been replaced by TA317 Acute coronary syndrome - prasugrel with PCI (review TA182)

Prasugrel in combination with aspirin is recommended as an option for preventing blockages in the arteries of people with acute coronary syndromes who are having a treatment called percutaneous coronary intervention only when:

  • immediate percutaneous coronary intervention is necessary to treat an ST-segment-elevation myocardial infarction (a type of heart attack) or
  • a blood clot has blocked a stent (a small mesh-like tube inserted into an artery to keep it open) during treatment with a drug called clopidogrel or
  • the patient has diabetes mellitus.

Healthcare professionals should not stop prescribing prasugrel for people who were already taking it when the guidance was issued. These people should be able to carry on taking prasugrel until they and their healthcare professionals decide that it is the right time to stop treatment.

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