Omalizumab for treating severe persistent allergic asthma (review of technology appraisal guidance 133 and 201)

NICE technology appraisal guidance [TA278] Published date:

This guidance updates and replaces NICE technology appraisal 201 (published in October 2010) and NICE technology appraisal 133 (published in November 2007).

NICE recommends omalizumab as possible additional treatment to standard asthma therapy for some people aged 6 years and over with severe persistent allergic asthma (see below).

Who can have omalizumab?

You (or your child) should be able to have omalizumab if you (or your child):

  • have been diagnosed with a certain type of allergic asthma, and
  • need continuous or frequent treatment with oral corticosteroids (at least 4 courses in the last year)

Why has NICE said this?

NICE looks at how well treatments work, and also at how well they work in relation to how much they cost the NHS. NICE recommended omalizumab because the benefit to patients justifies the cost.

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