8 Topic Advisory Group: COPD services

8 Topic Advisory Group: COPD services

A topic advisory group was established to review and advise on the content of the guide for commissioners. This group met once, with additional interaction taking place via email.

Maria Buxton – Consultant Physiotherapist, North West London Hospital Trust and Brent Primary Care Trust

Steve Callaghan – Health Outcomes Manager, Liverpool Primary Care Trust

Jane Cass – Public Health Specialist, NHS Central Lancashire

Lisa Chandler – Respiratory Programme Manager, NHS Wakefield District

Lisa Douglas – Commissioner for Independence and Long Term Conditions, NHS Brighton and Hove

Lynne Duxbury – Commissioning Manager, Commissioning Business Service, Salford

Dr Matt Kearney – Primary Care Clinical Advisor, Respiratory Programme, Department of Health and General Practitioner

Dr Rachel Garrod – Consultant Physiotherapist, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Gill Hawksworth – Senior Lecturer and Pharmacist, University of Huddersfield and member of Topic Expert Group for COPD Quality Standard

Anita Hayes – Deputy Director, NHS National End of Life Care Programme

Karen Heslop – Respiratory Nurse Consultant, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and member of Topic Expert Group for COPD Quality Standard

Jacqui Nettleton – Programme Director Long Term Conditions, NHS West Sussex

Sally Reed – Joint Commissioning Manager (Long Term Conditions, Physical and Sensory Impairment), East Sussex County Council (Adult Social Care) and NHS East Sussex Downs and Weald/NHS Hastings and Rother

Dr Louise Restrick – Consultant Respiratory Physician, Whittington Hospital and NHS Islington and NHS London Respiratory Team Lead

Dr Michael Rudolf – Consultant Physician, Ealing Hospital NHS Trust; Chair of Guideline development group for NICE clinical guideline 101 and chair of Topic Expert Group for COPD Quality Standard

Prof Sally Singh – Director of Rehabilitation, Coventry University; Head of Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

  • NICE has accredited the process used by NICE to produce guides for commissioners. Accreditation is valid for 5 years from November 2011 and applies to guides produced since November 2008 using the processes described in 'Process manual for developing guides from NICE for commissioners: Information for internal NICE teams' (2011). More information on accreditation can be viewed at www.nice.org.uk/accreditation