Improving outcomes in breast cancer

NICE guidelines [CSGBC] Published date:

In 1996, the Department of Health published a document called Improving Outcomes in Breast Cancer. It recommended which healthcare professionals should be involved in the treatment, management and care of women with breast cancer. It also recommended how these services should be organised so that women with breast cancer across England and Wales would receive high-quality healthcare.

NICE has now published an updated version of this document. Further recommendations have been added and some of the original recommendations have been updated. The key recommendations are:

  • Women should be treated by a multidisciplinary team
  • Women should be treated promptly
  • Services should be more consistent
  • Intensive, hospital-based follow-up is not beneficial

  • In February 2009 NICE published guidance on early and locally advanced breast cancer and advanced breast cancer that complements the cancer service guidance.

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