Major trauma services

Anticipated publication date:

Major trauma services: service delivery for major trauma
In progress
Anticipated publication date
February 2016

NICE is developing five pieces of guidance relating to trauma, Each piece of guidance will focus on a different aspect of trauma care.

NICE has commissioned the National Clinical Guideline Centre (NCGC) to develop the trauma guidance. The fractures, complex fractures, spinal injury assessment and major trauma guidelines will start development approximately 6 months before the development of the Trauma service delivery guideline. As a result of these guidelines being developed concurrently, the coordination of the development of these guidelines will be slightly different to our usual process.

The amendments to the process for developing these trauma guidelines will help maximise stakeholder engagement, ensure that the gaps or overlaps among the different guidance topics are addressed and that the final guidance produced is complementary and consistent.

This page provides more detail on Trauma service delivery. Please follow the links above to view details of the other pieces of guidance.

Provisional Schedule

Scoping workshop: 06 November 2013
Consultation on draft scope with stakeholders: 13 September - 11 October 2013
Consultation on draft guideline with stakeholders: TBC
Publication date: February 2016

Project Team

Centre for clinical practice lead: Sharon Summers-Ma
Communications manager: Paul Cooney
Guidelines commissioning manager:

Claire Ruiz

Guidelines coordinator: Elaine Clydesdale
Patient involvement lead: Barbara Meredith
Implementation lead: Katie Worral
Guidelines Development Group: The Guideline Development Group (GDG) oversees the development process.

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Key events during the development of the guidance

7 January 2014
The scope defines what aspects of care are covered by the guideline and to whom it applies. Comments that were made by stakeholders during the consultation on the scope can be seen in the scope consultation table. The Guideline Development Group (GDG) oversees the development process.
7 September 2012
The remit was received from the Department of Health and the Welsh Government in August 2012
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