Service user experience in adult mental health: improving the experience of care for people using adult NHS mental health services
Anticipated publication date
December 2011
Topic area
  • Mental health and behavioural conditions

This guidance will not follow the standard clinical guideline process and will be developed alongside a Quality Standard.

Quality Standards Lead Technical Analyst: Craig Grimes


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Key events during the development of the guidance

19 July 2011
Consultation on the draft of the guideline is complete and the guideline is being modified in the light of comments received.
21 June 2011
The draft guidance and quality standards are out for consultation with stakeholders. If you wish to comment, you need to do so via one of the registered stakeholder organisations listed, by the deadline shown.
24 January 2011
Development of the quality standard and guidance is under way and is being led by the National Collaborating Centre. The Guideline and Quality Standard Development Group meets regularly to oversee and assist the identification, review and synthesis of the evidence, the incorporation of expert consensus opinion and the translation of the evidence into recommendations for practice and audit criteria.
10 May 2011
The scope defines what aspects of care are covered by the guideline and to whom it applies.
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