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The examples of practice included in this database aim to share learning among NHS and partner organisations. NICE has carried out a minimal quality assurance process on each project to ensure it meets basic criteria. Inclusion in this database does not constitute NICE endorsement of the approach, product or tool.

The examples in the database do not constitute NICE guidance. NICE has not assessed the projects to confirm that they accurately reflect or implement NICE guidance. If you have queries or concerns about the relationship between NICE guidance and any examples given, please refer to the original NICE guidance, which is the only definitive statement of the guidance.

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Examples of Shared Learning
'Living with changeable moods' : a psychoeducation program for older people with bi-polar disorder.
Description: A nine week psychoeducation program was developed to support older people who live with Bipolar disorder. Running alongside this is an ongoing monthly support group for those who have attended the course to offer support and self management of changeable moods
Organisation: Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Guidance: CG38 - Bipolar disorder
Category of submission: Clinical Date: 29 Sep 2008
'MUST do better'-our journey, to improving nutrition for everyone - a continuous cyclic, trust wide audit, of NICE Clinical Guideline 32.
Description: Our new approach to audit was going to be very different in order to effectively drive improvement. Every ward would be required to participate in repeated monthly audits with feedback shared at all levels.

The message had gone out across the entire trust: Nutrition screening using the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) was a 'MUST do' for everyone and we MUST do better. The findings would highlight our weakness. It was a bumpy journey. Then the findings enabled good practice to be rewarded where screening and care planning was improving month on month. Wards became eager to demonstrate their compliance.

High targets were set by our Trust board who took a vested interest every month without fail to scrutinise and challenge the results. Wards began to shine as their monthly compliance, with MUST screening for every patient, rose impressively.
Guidance: CG32 - Nutrition Support in Adults
Category of submission: 2011-12 Shared Learning Awards Date: 31 Jan 2012
'NICE Bites User Survey': Assessing the value of a monthly bulletin for healthcare professionals in the general implementation of NICE guidance.
Description: This submission reports the results of a user survey for NICE Bites, a monthly bulletin for healthcare professionals published by the North West Medicines Information Service and relates to the general implementation of NICE guidance. The purpose of this bulletin is to provide a clear and succinct summary of key prescribing points in NICE guidance. During the second year of publication a survey was conducted to assess; if the content of this bulletin is useful, relevant to practice, and easily accessible, how people use NICE Bites and if it made any difference to their prescribing practice.
Organisation: North West Medicines Information Service
Guidance: Generic
Category of submission: 2010-11 Shared Learning examples Date: 10 Feb 2011
'NICE Bites' prescribing bulletin.
Description: This submission describes the development of a bulletin entitled 'NICE Bites' for healthcare professionals involved in prescribing.
Organisation: North West Medicines Information Centre
Guidance: Generic
Category of submission: General Date: 18 Jun 2009
'Prescribing Information to support QIPP' - an annual compendium of prescribing and healthcare data, and guidance, based around the National Prescribing Centre's 'Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention' topics
Description: For the past two years, the Department of Medicines Management, Keele University, has produced this compendium as part of the Prescribing Support Service commissioned by West Midlands NHS organisations.

Produced primarily as a reference for West Midlands medicines management teams, but also of interest to commissioners and prescribers, the publication presents comparative prescribing and healthcare data related to the key medicines management topics identified by the National Prescribing Centre (NPC) as having significant potential for making a contribution to the challenge posed by QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention).

The document also contains summaries of important evidence and guidance to support the delivery of QIPP in these areas.
Organisation: Department of Medicines Management, School of Pharmacy, Keele University
Guidance: Generic
Category of submission: 2011-12 Shared Learning Awards Date: 16 Jul 2012
'Quality Standards-the heart of effective pathways'
Description: We are using NICE Quality Standards and localised Map of Medicine pathways in a novel approach to ensure that national and local guidelines are available to clinicians on demand, All relevant guidance is linked to one pathway, with information about local compliance and non-compliance. This will help to ensure that clinicians are always working in line with national and local best practice
Organisation: Worcestershire Royal Hospital
Guidance: Generic
Category of submission: - Date: 15 Dec 2011
'Realising Life Goes on' Creating a slide show of life on home dialysis to inspire and encourage new patients
Description: It is hard for pre-dialysis patients to imagine life on dialysis. We have collected home dialysis patients' photographs of their life experiences while living with this treatment for many years. We created a simple slide show in order to educate, inspire and provide hope to pre-dialysis patients and their carers, and to enable them to make a more informed choice about their future dialysis treatment. We use the slide show during patient education sessions, and also to inform new staff joining our unit.
Organisation: East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust
Guidance: CG73 - Chronic kidney disease
Category of submission: Clinical Date: 02 Oct 2009
'Symptom-triggered' Approach to Alcohol Detoxification
Description: Implementing a 'symptom-triggered' approach to the management of alcohol withdrawal in an acute hospital.
Organisation: Pennine Acute Trust
Guidance: CG100 - Alcohol-use disorders: physical complications
Category of submission: - Date: 04 Apr 2013
'The Monday Clinic'; Implementing a maternal obesity service
Description: Obesity in pregnancy carries significant risks for both mother and baby, yet we identified limited opportunities for women to access support and advice. We initiated a midwifery-led service which encourages obese, pregnant women to make positive healthy lifestyle changes in the antenatal period, which would be sustainable after the birth.
Organisation: Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Guidance: PH27 - Weight management before, during and after pregnancy
Category of submission: 2010-11 Shared Learning examples Date: 30 Jan 2011
(Update of) Care Home Support Team (CHST) - Reducing Falls
Description: The development of the Care Home Support Team (CHST) has provided a multi-disciplinary/multi-agency support and therapy service to Care Homes in Derbyshire. Access to patients in Care Homes is variable, in that the service relies on the knowledge of the care home staff to refer for appropriate services. Therefore early interventions and preventative measures are not common practice for this group of people. The CHST aims to address these discrepancies. This service offers an opportunity to improve the quality of care to residents in Care Homes and thereby reduce their risk of falls.
Organisation: Derbyshire Community Health Services
Guidance: Generic
Category of submission: 2011-12 Shared Learning Awards Date: 23 Aug 2011
(Update of) Crossing the language barrier with a dedicated Mental Health Interpreting Service
Description: Increasingly Mental Health Services have to call on the support of interpreters in order to treat patients. Clinicians and interpreters have become aware that interpreting in a mental health context differs from interpreting in other contexts. As a result, a dedicated training scheme and Mental Health Interpreting Service has been established by Mothertongue multi ethnic counselling service.
Organisation: Mothertongue Counselling and Listening Service
Guidance: CG 113 - Anxiety (partial update)
Category of submission: - Date: 13 Sep 2011
(Update of) Hospital based smoking cessation practice including pre-operative assessment
Description: To ensure hospital patients are routinely offered advice and support regarding smoking cessation.
Organisation: Bolton Primary Care NHS Trust & Bolton NHS Foundation Trust
Guidance: Generic
Category of submission: 2011-12 Shared Learning Awards Date: 13 Sep 2011
A Buddy Scheme for Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Organisation: North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus
Guidance: CG12 - Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Category of submission: General Date: 06 Feb 2007
A Collaborative Approach to Implementing Self Harm Guidance
Organisation: Sheffield Teaching Hospital, Sheffield Care Trust, Sheffield Ambulance Service
Guidance: CG016 - Self-harm: The short-term physical and psychological management and secondary prevention of self-harm in primary and secondary care
Category of submission: General Date: 21 Dec 2006
A collaborative care plan to reduce unplanned admissions to secondary care and enhance rapid access care in the community
Description: A collaborative care plan was devised between primary and secondary care in order to provide a rapid access service within the community for people with MS to prevent unplanned admissions. People with Ms had been requesting that emergency care be provided closer to home and reduce the need to be admitted to hospital. The pathway also ensures that the right treatment is provided at the right time to the patient.
Organisation: Northamptonshire Healthcare foundation Trust
Guidance: CG8 - Multiple sclerosis
Category of submission: - Date: 25 Oct 2012
A Commissioning Toolkit for use of Natriuretic Peptide assessment for suspected heart failure in Primary Care
Description: Using local experience of implementing BNP in East Sussex, this provides a summary of helpful tips, planning guidance, quality standards, how much to commission and how to monitor compliance. It is supported by a simple care pathway and education package that can be used with GPs.
Organisation: Enhancing Quality
Guidance: CG108 - Management of chronic heart failure in adults in primary and secondary care
Category of submission: 2010-11 Shared Learning examples Date: 10 Feb 2011
A cost minimization model of a national roll-out of liquid based cytology in England
Organisation: Health Economics research group
Guidance: Generic
Category of submission: Clinical Date: 09 Jul 2008
A Creative Approach to Embracing a Sizeable Piece (52 Recommendations) of NICE Guidance.
Description: This NICE guidance represents a very interesting challenge for two key reasons (1) On Wirral it is the NHS who mostly lead on baselining and action planning around NICE yet this particular guideline is largely non-clinical with many of the recommendations it makes requiring LA action. (2) The scope of the guidance (52 recommendations compared to a typical 6 -10) renders some of the normal local templates and procedures used in baselining not fit for purpose. Therefore a creative approach has been taken to baselining and action planning whereby a large number of stakeholders could feel genuinely engaged with the work on all 52 recommendations without attending an unrealistic amount of meetings.
Organisation: NHS Wirral
Guidance: PH28 - Promoting the quality of life of looked-after children and young people
Category of submission: 2011-12 Shared Learning Awards Date: 11 Nov 2011
A framework for using NICE Quality Standards to improve quality
Description: A systematic approach to using all relevant NICE Quality Standards, and examples from QS34 and QS2.
Organisation: Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust
Guidance: QS34 - Self-harm
Category of submission: - Date: 13 Jan 2014
A Lifestyle Matters approach with a group of older people in warden controlled accommodation
Description: A joint initiative between Gateshead Council and Gateshead PCT looking at overcoming barriers which prevent people engaging in meaningful activities. The group focuses on the well elderly in warden controlled accommodation and is held on these premises. The group looks at the link between activity and wellbeing by using goal setting graded for individual needs to enable them to overcome their barriers in order to be fit and active.
Organisation: Gateshead PCT
Guidance: PH16 - Mental wellbeing and older people
Category of submission: 2010-11 Shared Learning examples Date: 28 Jan 2011

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