Subject matter
The subject matter of the site must be relevant to NICE's audience.

The ownership of the site may be taken into consideration in deciding whether to link to the site. Factors include:

  • Site owners may include (but should not be limited to) government offices and agencies, statutory bodies including health authorities and trusts, professional bodies, academic departments, charities, voluntary organisations and self-help groups, private organisations or agencies.
  • Private sector sites designed to promote company products or services will not normally be included.

Sites produced by individuals will not normally be linked.

In all cases, the ownership of the site must be immediately evident to visitors, with the owner's name clearly displayed. The site owner must take responsibility for the content of the site.

Where a site links to other sites on the web, the appropriateness of these links is not evaluated. However, if information is collated from other sites within the structure of the site, the ownership of the source material must be made clear by the site owner.

Quality of content
Sites that are linked to this site must have content judged to be of substantial interest to NICE's audience. Sites that lack information content will not be linked.

The content of sites must be of satisfactory quality, in NICE's opinion.

The aim of the site should be clear.

Sites for which there are grounds for doubting the accuracy of the content will be excluded. A site may be excluded if the professional reputation of the site owner is unknown and/or there are grounds for doubting the accuracy of the content or suspecting uncritical bias.

Sites which in NICE's opinion contain material that is out-of-date may be excluded.

If the main content of a site is further weblinks, the site will only be included if this is the explicit aim of the site.

Quality of design
The design of sites should allow easy navigation through the site on the part of the user. Sites with unclear design may be excluded.

Linked sites should have coherent and consistent structures and preferably a structure that is evident from the home page.

Reservation of rights
NICE reserves the right to exclude any site from our links section if it considers this necessary.