October 2015

Dr Bhash Naidoo, Senior Technical Adviser (Health Economics), Centre for Clinical Practice, represented NICE at the 21st Institute for Health Economics and Policy (IHEP) Symposium in Tokyo, Japan.

Dr Naidoo delivered the keynote speech at the Symposium entitled “Playing NICE: the realities of applying evidence to policy”, which outlined the practical and political challenges and potential benefits of applying evidence based methods to policy and practice.

The symposium had an attendance of around 800 delegates, many of whom were interested in hearing more about the role of the Cancer Drugs Fund in the UK and the likely workforce requirements for running a HTA programme such as NICE in Japan.

During his visit, Dr Naidoo also met with senior colleagues from IHEP and Dr Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, Adviser to the National Federation of Health Insurance Societies to learn more about the Japanese systems for HTA and reimbursement and plans for further development of HTA processes in Japan.