What are NICE Pathways?

NICE Pathways offer an easy-to-use, intuitive way of accessing our clinical, public health and social care information. They include up to date NICE guidance, quality standards and related information. They let you navigate the breadth and depth of our recommendations on any subject through interactive topic-based diagrams.

NICE Pathways visually represent all of our recommendations on a topic. They link to other relevant topics to create a network of information. You do not need to understand how we classify different types of guidance to be able to see everything we have said about a particular topic. They are for everyone who uses our guidance.

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What do they cover?

NICE Pathways give access to the products that we've produced to support implementation of our guidance.

They include:

  • clinical, public health, social care, safe staffing and medicines practice guidelines
  • technology appraisals, interventional procedures, medical technology, diagnostics and highly specialised technologies guidance
  • quality standards
  • accompanying tools produced by NICE to support implementation.

What isn't included?

NICE Pathways do not normally include:

  • indicators such as the Clinical Commissioning Group Outcome Indicators Set (CCGOIS) and the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF)
  • newsletters and similar products
  • content from the British National Formulary or the British National Formulary for Children
  • products in development (such as versions of guidance out for consultation).

They also do not include products produced by other organisations, except for links to external sources referenced to in guidance recommendations.