The Student Champion Scheme aims to improve the routine use of evidence-based information by future doctors, nursing and other health and social care professionals. Joining this peer teaching programme will help build your core and specialist skills.

To find out more about how the NICE Evidence Search Student Champion Scheme might be implemented at your university please email

How will NICE Evidence Search help you in your education and career?

It will:

  • help you gain and share valuable knowledge of how to find best practice in health and social care
  • give you the opportunity to develop your teaching and presenting skills
  • offer you a unique opportunity to enhance your CV
  • allow you to engage with NICE at a higher level and to explore opportunities to be involved with future developments at NICE Evidence Search and NICE in your future career.

What does being a Student Champion involve?

You will need to:

  • familiarise yourself with NICE Evidence Search in advance of attending the workshop by exploring and getting to know the functions of the site.
  • complete an anonymous pre-workshop survey.
  • attend a workshop on using NICE Evidence Search search and facilitating peer-group training. 
  • prepare and facilitate at least one learning session on NICE Evidence Search to a minimum of eight students.
  • take responsibility for ensuring that students attend your session/s and complete the necessary evaluation materials (i.e. a brief electronic pre and post session questionnaire). The template for this will be provided.
  • write a short report outlining your experiences as a student champion. A report template will be provided.

Training structure outline

 Student Champions Day 1: NICE Evidence Search training day

  • This will take place at the participating university in a computer training room. Student Champions will be asked to explore the NICE Evidence Search site in advance and to do some preparatory searches. They will also be asked to complete a short pre-survey.
  •  There will be online resources to support Student Champions throughout the scheme and beyond. They can signpost them to their fellow students.
  • As well as searching, the initial training day will also cover teaching tips and the practicalities of cascade training.
  • Student Champions will be normally be required to run their teaching sessions within a month of their training.
  • Once they have facilitated their sessions, Student Champions will need to complete a short reflective report. They will then receive an official certificate of participation.

Student Champions Day 2: Learning about NICE

  • All Student Champions will be invited to attend a day of presentations and activities focussed on how we develop NICE resources and the challenges of implementing guidance. The day will allow them to network with Student Champions from other institutions and meet a range of staff from NICE including the our Chair or Chief Executive and other senior staff.
  • The day will be held at the NICE offices in London or a venue close by. These are held twice a year and Student Champions will be able to attend one event.
  • Travel costs to the venue will be met by NICE and lunch will be provided.

How will NICE Evidence Search support you as a Student Champion?

NICE Evidence Search will:

  • run a full study day on how to use NICE Evidence Search search and facilitation techniques.
  • provide you with a tool kit to assist you in running your sessions. Which includes a teaching plan, overview slides, search tips and links to the Student Champion surveys.

On completion you will:

  • be invited to attend a one day conference to learn more about NICE and meet Student Champions from other universities and other disciplines - Travel expenses and lunch will be provided.
  • receive a certificate of participation - personally signed by Prof. David Haslam, Chair of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, Sir Andrew Dillon, Chief Operating Officer for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence and Alexia Tonnel, Directory Evidence Resources.

Taking part in the student champion scheme

To take part in the scheme you will need academic approval from your head of department. An academic will also need to work with you to set up and run the scheme in your school. This involves:

  • setting up a recruitment process and recruiting a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 prospective champions. Short-listing and selection may be necessary.
  • booking a computer suite for the initial hands-on training that NICE provides
  • providing NICE with a specialist library information contact from your university library service
  • endorsing the student champion cascade sessions
  • enabling computer training suites to be booked
  • encouraging students to attend student champion teaching sessions.