New collaborative aims to increase NICE guidance uptake

New NICE Implementation Collaborative aims to increase NICE guidance uptake

A unique partnership of organisations has begun work on identifying barriers to the implementation of NICE guidance, to ensure that patients get quick and more consistent access to the treatments they need.

The NICE Implementation Collaborative is a partnership between the NHS, the life sciences industry, healthcare professional bodies, key health organisations and the public, who have committed to work with each other and other organisations to understand and analyse the barriers that exist to the implementation of NICE recommendations.

Under the NHS Constitution, patients have the right to treatments which NICE approves for use in the NHS, however there are a number of barriers such as the challenge of changing current ways of working and the way services are configured, and local affordability issues.

Initially using examples from four key areas: osteoporosis, stroke, diabetes and heart disease, the partners will work with one another and with other organisations and parts of the system to better understand the implementation landscape. The collaborative will recommend practical steps that can be taken to help the NHS overcome these barriers so adoption and diffusion of NICE recommendations within the NHS is significantly improved.

The signing of a concordat by all of the partners is the very first time that the NHS and its stakeholders have come together to work in this way.

Professor Gillian Leng, Deputy Chief Executive of NICE said: "We want all patients to have access to medicines and technologies that we consider to be effective. We look forward to working with the partners in this collaborative to identify and remove barriers to the successful implementation of NICE guidance."

Formally launched by the Prime Minister in December 2012, the collaborative is committed to working innovatively to support the system and have agreed a Concordat that will underpin this way of working

Members of the NIC: