Exhibition programme

We take part in a number of health and social care exhibitions and conferences throughout the year. Each event gives us the chance to meet frontline users of NICE guidance and standards face-to-face, to talk to our key audiences about what we do, and to take on board valued feedback on our work programmes. 

These are the events that NICE will be attending in the forthcoming months. If you are planning to attend any of these events why not visit our stand and find out more about what we do and how you can get involved.

Healthwatch Annual Conference

6 – 7 July 2017, Nottingham

Healthwatch England is the national consumer champion in health and care. 

Come to the NICE stand to find out about our public involvement programme, social care resources, field team support and other resources to support local Healthwatches.

NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo

11 – 12 September 2017, Manchester

Expo is the only major conference in England focused on innovation across all aspects of health and social care. It is the most important annual event in the NHS calendar, enabling listening and inspiring learning that is put into practice.

Visit the NICE stand to find out how we can support your work in health and social care.

Public Health England Annual Conference 

12 – 13 September 2017, Coventry

The PHE annual conference, at Warwick University, brings together over 1400 participants from a wide range of organisations, to learn, and share knowledge and experience to help improve public health. This year’s conference will focus on promoting world-class science and evidence, making the economic case for prevention and working towards a healthier, fairer society.

Come to the NICE stand to find out what practical advice, guidance and support we can offer you in the area of public health.

Upcoming speaking engagements

Healthwatch Annual Conference 

6 July 2017, Nottingham

Professor Gillian Leng, Deputy Chief Executive, will be taking part in a plenary panel session 'Quality matters: working with key stakeholders' at the Healthwatch Annual Conference in Nottingham.

Transforming end of life care in acute hospitals

12 July 2017, Manchester

Committee members Professor Sam Ahmedzai, Gwen Klepping and Dr Adrian Blundell will be presenting on ‘Making progress with the NICE clinical guideline on care of the dying adult: The new quality standard and other developments’. 

Westminster Health Forum: priorities for improving cancer care in England

13 July 2017, London

Linda Landells, Associate Director, Technology Appraisals, NICE, will be speaking on the developing role of NICE in the operation of the Cancer Drugs Fund. 

Air Quality Masterclass

14 July 2017, Oxford

Sotiris Vardoulakis, a Guideline Committee Member, will be discussing the new NICE guidance on air pollution at the Air Quality Masterclass, run by the South Region Sustainability and Health Network.

HCUK: Eliminating Heel Pressure Ulcer 

17 July 2017, London

Professor Gerard Stansby will be presenting on ‘Vascular assessment of heel pressure ulcers’ and Dr Gerry Rayman will be presenting on ‘Understanding diabetes as a risk factor for heel pressure ulcers: implementing the new guidance on diabetic foot ulcers’.

Request a speaker

Complete this form (Word) and return it to speakers@nice.org.uk.

We are generally unable to provide speakers for events that are hosted or sponsored by a single industry sponsor as this could constitute a conflict of interest.

Requesting a speaker from NICE

As a high profile national organisation, NICE gets a lot of request for speakers. We try our best to fulfil all these requests but due to pressure on staff time we do sometimes have to prioritise. In order to maximise the chance of us being able to help you and to deal with your request promptly, please bear in mind the following points when requesting a speaker.

What you can expect from us

  • We will acknowledge your request for a speaker within 7 days, confirming whether or not we are in principle able to fulfil the request and giving an indication of who the speaker for your event is likely to be.
  • We will confirm the exact speaker as soon as we are able to, however it is not always possible to do this until a few weeks before the date of the engagement.
  • We will do our best to deal with requests for a speaker at short notice (within a month of the date of request) however this is not always possible.
  • We are generally unable to provide speakers for events that are hosted or sponsored by a single industry sponsor as this could constitute a conflict of interest.

What we expect from you

  • Speaking engagements are coordinated by NICE's External Communications team so please make your initial request by filling in the speakers request form and emailing it to speakers@nice.org.uk Please do not make multiple approaches for a speaker to different people at NICE as this can cause confusion and duplication of effort.
  • If you need to talk to someone urgently to see how your request is progressing please call Louise Tempia, External Communications Executive, on 020 7045 2175.
  • Please try to give us as much notice as possible for when you require a speaker. 2 - 3 months advance notice is ideal.
  • Please make it clear if you would like a specific member of the NICE team to speak (for example, our Chairman or Chief Executive) or if you would like someone with particular expertise (for example, a health economist) but be prepared to be flexible, as your first choice may not always be available.
  • Please give us as much information as possible as you can about the type of event you are hosting including the purpose of the event, date, time and audience numbers as this helps us find the most appropriate speaker for you.
  • We normally expect non-NHS bodies to meet speaker's travel and accommodation costs.
  • Please apply to the communications team at NICE for permission if you would like to publish presentations given by NICE staff on your website or in a conference programme, as the material may be subject to copyright.
  • Please do send any feedback on the speaker to speakers@nice.org.uk as this helps improve the service for other users. You may submit any feedback in confidence if you wish.