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NICE and Public Health England publish new antibiotic prescribing guidance for patients with suspected pneumonia

These two guidelines set out an antimicrobial prescribing strategy that aims to optimise antibiotic use and reduce antibiotic resistance.

News Published February 2019

Diagnose Lyme disease if bull's eye rash is present, says NICE

People showing erythema migrans, the characteristic skin rash associated with Lyme disease, can be diagnosed without the need for blood tests, NICE says in new guidance.

News Published February 2019

Antibiotics should be restricted for COPD

Healthcare professionals should consider the risk of antimicrobial resistance when deciding whether antibiotics are needed for treating or preventing a flare up of symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

News Published December 2018

Double check patients with 'penicillin allergy' to avoid increased MRSA risk

People who incorrectly believe they are allergic to penicillin are unnecessarily put at an increased risk of developing MRSA or C difficile, NICE warns today.

News Published September 2018

Antibiotics should not be issued as first line of treatment for a cough, says NICE and PHE

People should take honey or cough medicines instead but speak to their GP if it persists for longer than three weeks

News Published August 2018

Seven glasses a day, keep UTIs at bay

Sundus Jawad, tells us how improving hydration in care homes reduces the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) for residents

News Published June 2018

The 5 most viewed NICE 'do not do' recommendations

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges recently described our 'do not do' database as an excellent resource. The database allows you to search for recommendations that we've made on a clinical practice that should either be discontinued or not used routinely within the NHS. Take a look at the top 5 recommendations:

News Published December 2014

The NICE way to Stop the Pressure

This November is Stop the Pressure Month, a NHS England led campaign that raises awareness of preventing and managing pressure ulcers. Professor Gerard Stansby, Chair of the NICE pressure ulcers guideline group, outlines the role NICE's guidance can play in preventing pressure ulcers.

News Published November 2014

The role of NICE guidance in fighting antibiotic resistance

Rosie explains how new NICE guidance will help us all in the fight against antibiotic resistance

News Published December 2017

Washing the germs away

Di has been working hard to teach her students about the importance of hand-washing. Find out how she has got on.

News Published November 2017

What's your emergency?

Dr Butler tells us why sepsis needs to be treated as an emergency and how new NICE guidance can help to achieve this.

News Published April 2017

Treat life-threatening sepsis within the hour, says NICE

NICE is urging hospital staff to treat people with life-threatening sepsis symptoms within one hour.

News Published March 2017

Use antibiotics effectively to reduce drug-resistance

Good management of antibiotics can halve the number of people picking-up drug-resistant infections in hospital, new data suggests.

News Published November 2017

Use paracetamol to relieve a sore throat rather than antibiotics

The majority of sore throats do not need antibiotics and medicated lozenges may only help to reduce pain by a small amount, NICE says.

News Published January 2018

Tackling the rise in antibiotic resistance

NICE is developing two new guidelines to help tackle the growing threat of antibiotic resistance.

News Published October 2014

Sepsis is just as urgent as heart attack, says NICE

NICE wants people who show signs of sepsis to be treated with the same urgency given to those with suspected heart attacks.

News Published July 2016

Simple blood test for pneumonia can help limit use of antibiotics

Using the C-reactive protein blood test can help GPs determine whether a person with a chest infection has pneumonia and should be treated with antibiotics, NICE says.

News Published December 2014

Test children's urine before prescribing antibiotics for UTIs, says NICE

NICE is advising healthcare professionals use dipstick urine tests to decide whether to give children antibiotics for suspected urinary tract infections (UTI).

News Published September 2017

Project to reduce antibiotic prescribing wins 2014 NICE Shared Learning Award

Churchill Medical Centre has won the 2014 NICE Shared Learning Award for its work in reducing antibiotic prescribing for coughs and colds in primary care.

News Published May 2014

Renewed call to tackle antimicrobial resistance

A long-term solution to antibiotic resistance can only be achieved if we act now, an expert has warned.

News Published April 2016

New public health quality standards announced

NICE is to develop over 70 new public health quality standards on topics ranging from antibiotic prescribing to domestic violence, following the latest topic referral from the Department of Health.

News Published October 2014

New quality standards for public health - NICE wants your views

NICE is to develop a library of public health quality standards, in areas ranging from heatwave planning to sexual health, and is inviting stakeholders to comment on exactly which topics should be referred to NICE to develop.

News Published October 2013

NICE sets out how to diagnose and treat Lyme disease

New NICE guidance will help GPs, specialists and other health professionals spot a potential diagnosis of Lyme disease.

News Published September 2017

NICE focuses on improving treatment and diagnosis of liver disease

People who drink too much should be sent for scans to detect early liver disease, says NICE

News Published December 2016

New advice will help doctors spot and treat Lyme disease early, says NICE

NICE has issued new advice to help doctors quickly spot Lyme disease, so they can offer people NHS treatment as soon as possible.

News Published April 2018

New NICE advice about when to give antibiotics for common infections

For the first time NICE is giving specific advice for doctors and nurses about when and how to prescribe antibiotics for conditions such as sore throats and colds.

News Published July 2017

NHS must renew hygiene efforts to tackle "unacceptable and avoidable" infection rates

Healthcare professionals should wash their hands before and after seeing every patient to help prevent the spread of infections such as MRSA and C difficile in the NHS.

News Published April 2014

NHS should prioritise the treatment of sick babies, says NICE

The NHS should prioritise the treatment of babies with suspected early-onset neonatal infection and use antibiotics sensibly to avoid developing resistance to the drugs, according to latest NICE guidance.

News Published August 2012

NICE welcomes landmark fall in antibiotic prescriptions

Fewer antibiotics are being prescribed by doctors in England for the first time, new data shows.

News Published November 2016

NHS urged to tackle antibiotic resistance

The NHS is being urged to tackle the rise in antibiotic resistance by cutting back on unnecessary use of the drugs.

News Published November 2013

Improve recording of drug allergy to reduce risk of reactions

Redesigning prescriptions to include information on drugs or drug classes that patients with known drug allergy should avoid, can reduce the risk of allergic reactions says NICE.

News Published September 2014

Cough medicine: approaches to wiping out tuberculosis

Dr Angela Houston, Consultant in Infection, discusses ways that St George’s University Hospitals have been tackling tuberculosis.

News Published January 2016

New guidance will help combat drug resistant urinary tract infections, says NICE

NICE has published new guidance to help healthcare professionals optimise the treatment of urinary tract infections (UTIs).

News Published May 2018

Guideline on early birth will be "instrumental" in improving outcomes for mothers and babies

Latest guidelines on preventing early birth will be “instrumental” in improving outcomes for babies born prematurely and their mothers, a leading charity says.

News Published November 2015

Cut NHS waste through NICE's 'do not do' database

NICE’s database of ‘do not do’ recommendations is a resource that doctors should use to reduce waste in the NHS, according to a new report.

News Published November 2014

Saving antibiotics – supporting decisions

Jacob tells us how NICE guidance has helped him to decide when to give antibiotics and why this is important.

News Published August 2017

So what do you mean by leadership?

In his latest post, NICE Chair Professor David Haslam discusses the value of leadership in the NHS.

News Published April 2015

Staying home to get better

Melissa has woken up with a cold. She feels terrible, but she thinks she should still attend her university classes.

News Published November 2017

How NICE can help to encourage responsible antibiotic prescribing

To mark this year's European Antibiotic Awareness Day, we outline how our guidance can help tackle the rise in antibiotic resistance by cutting back on unnecessary use of the drugs.

News Published November 2014

Getting to the root of the problem before antibiotics

Nicola tells us why she is glad her daughter was not given antibiotics for her ear infection.

News Published November 2017

Most common ear infections should not be treated with antibiotics, says NICE

NICE is urging GPs to manage most common ear infections with pain relief rather than antibiotics.

News Published September 2017

Help with identifying meningitis in children and young people

NICE?s latest quality standard on bacterial meningitis in children and young people can help GPs and other primary care professionals spot early signs and symptoms of the condition.

News Published July 2012

Antibiotics not effective for rare heart infection

Antibiotics should not be prescribed to prevent infective endocarditis - a potentially fatal heart infection, NICE has reaffirmed.

News Published September 2015

Antibiotics should not be used to treat the majority of sinus infections, NICE says

NICE is advising healthcare professionals to tell their patients that a sinus infection will likely clear-up without antibiotics and that there is little evidence oral decongestants will help to relieve their symptoms.

News Published October 2017

Antimicrobial resistance: A call to action

Antibiotic resistance could kill ten million people a year by 2050, a stark government report has warned.

News Published May 2016

Calls for NHS to curb inappropriate antibiotic prescribing

Healthcare professionals should encourage sensible use of antibiotics and cut back on unnecessary prescribing of the drugs to help tackle the rise in antibiotic resistance, says NICE.

News Published August 2015

Reducing the use of antibiotics for respiratory infections

The discovery of antibiotics and its consequent impact on the treatment of illness is widely seen as a breakthrough in medical care.

News Published December 2012

The NICE year in review part 2

A short summary of guidance and advice that generated the most interest during the second half of 2015.

News Published December 2015

NICE Pathways -the fast and easy way to access NICE guidance and products

How NICE Pathways can provide fast and easy access to NICE guidance and products for primary care health professionals.

News Published September 2012

Antibiotic resistance 'high among children with urinary tract infections'

Up to half of samples of urinary tract infections in children are resistant to common antibiotics, new research has shown.

News Published March 2016