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Excess winter deaths and illness and the health risks associated with cold homes (NG6)

This guideline covers reducing the health risks (including preventable deaths) associated with living in a cold home. It aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people vulnerable to the cold. Improving the temperature in homes, by improving energy efficiency, may also help reduce unnecessary fuel consumption.

NICE guideline Published March 2015

Unintentional injuries among under-15s

Everything NICE has said on preventing unintentional injuries among children and young people aged under 15 in an interactive flowchart

NICE Pathway Published November 2012 Last updated June 2017

Unintentional injuries: prevention strategies for under 15s (PH29)

This guideline covers strategies, regulation, enforcement, surveillance and workforce development in relation to preventing unintentional injuries in the home, on the road and during outdoor play and leisure.

Public health guideline Published November 2010

Air pollution: outdoor air quality and health (NG70)

This guideline covers road-traffic-related air pollution and its links to ill health. It aims to improve air quality and so prevent a range of health conditions and deaths.

NICE guideline Published June 2017

New quality standards for public health - NICE wants your views

NICE is to develop a library of public health quality standards, in areas ranging from heatwave planning to sexual health, and is inviting stakeholders to comment on exactly which topics should be referred to NICE to develop.

News Published October 2013