Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC)

The AAC supports the ambition to make the NHS one of the most pro-innovation health systems in the world.

The AAC’s unique partnership includes patient groups, government bodies, industry and NHS bodies, working together to streamline the adoption of new innovations in healthcare.

It brings decision-makers from across the health service together with innovators from industry to accelerate impactful and cost-effective products in a way that hasn’t happened before.

The AAC supports all types of innovations:

  • medicines
  • diagnostics
  • devices
  • digital products
  • pathway changes
  • new workforce models.

It has established a new dedicated unit within NHS England and NHS Improvement which is responsible for coordinating activities across the various AAC partner organisations and driving forward the AAC’s priorities.

NICE's role within the AAC

Our chief executive is a member of the AAC board, and our director of the Centre for Health Technology Evaluation represents us on the AAC steering group.

We support the AAC by:

  • Carrying out a range of activities to support early stage (before a NICE appraisal) products and categories selected by the AAC.
  • Contributing to a range of activities to support the adoption and spread of proven innovations which are being supported by the AAC.

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