The information below provides a summary of known issues and upcoming changes related to NICE Evidence Services.  This information will be updated weekly, with new updates posted each Tuesday.

  • For questions/queries about the status of issues, email us at quoting the relevant issue/change number.
  • Got an issue that isn't listed? Report it to us.
  • For information regarding major incidents, planned maintenance and content provider announcements, please visit the Journals and Databases gateway.

User accounts, login, registration issues

  • AIMS-138: My Resources page not updating Journals text change.

Healthcare Databases Advanced Search (HDAS)


  • HDAS-1220: CINAHL and PUBMED returning 0 results (timeout).
  • HDAS-1219: rerun Emcare search repeated 3 times.
  • HDAS-1217: automated alerts missing full text links since mid September.
  • HDAS-1213:EMBASE alert being sent fortnightly instead of weekly.
  • HDAS-1207:EMBASE RIS exports into Mendeley, issue with first name/last name order.
  • HDAS-1205 : problem with Embase thesaurus scope notes.
  • HDAS-1204: IE11 login to Athens page hangs intermittently.
  • HDAS-1198: MEDLINE Thesaurus term returning 0 results.


No problems currently logged for investigation.


Updated Tuesday 19 November 2019

Search results

  • ES-295: missing search results.
  • ES-284: NICE Guidance doesn't merge with Medicines Current Awareness docs in Evidence.

Updated Tuesday 19 November 2019

Report a new service issue

If a fault has not already been logged email including as much of the following information as possible:

  • A description of the issue and a screenshot of the problem (if possible)
  • The website address of the page the issue was experienced on
  • Your Web browser and version if known (e.g. Internet Explorer 11)
  • Full name of your organisation
  • Your Open Athens Org ID (for queries relating to the National Core Content)
  • Your search strategy (for issues relating to searches in HDAS)

This will help us to diagnose the problem and resolve the issue as soon as possible.