The information below provides a summary of known issues and upcoming changes related to NICE Evidence Services.  This information will be updated weekly, with new updates posted each Tuesday.

  • For questions/queries about the status of issues, email us at quoting the relevant issue/change number.
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  • For information regarding major incidents, planned maintenance and content provider announcements, please visit the Journals and Databases gateway.

User accounts, login, registration issues

No problems currently logged for investigation.

Healthcare Databases Advanced Search (HDAS2)


  • HDAS-1093 (Bug): Unpaywall - where did it come from/ why only in HDAS? (New).
  • HDAS-940 (Change): Implement a change to the way that thesaurus searching works in HDAS PsycINFO so that classification terms are not included.
  • HDAS-1079 (Change): Expand plurals in HDAS Medline and PsycINFO thesaurus.
  • HDAS-1013 (Change): Change to URL for links to journal articles when exported from HDAS.
  • HDAS-1078 (Bug): EMBASE – improving response for complex searches.
  • HDAS-1086 (Bug): HDAS is wrongly mapping an accession number value from BNI into a PMID value.
  • HDAS-1085 (Bug): Deleting duplicates deletes entire saved results set for one user.
  • HDAS-1049 (Bug): Alerts sometimes showing inactive links to journals still in EMBASE.

    My journals

    No problems currently logged for investigation.

    Access Identity Management Service

    • AIMS-100 (Bug): Handling large amounts of text in fields.


    Updated Tuesday 18 September 2018

    Search results

    • ES-163 (Bug): Investigate diacritics normalisation on search queries.
    • ES-162 (Bug): Possible defect with freshness boosting within Evidence Search.

    Updated Tuesday 18 September 2018

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      • Your search strategy (for issues relating to searches in HDAS)

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