The way public health services are planned and delivered in England has undergone major changes. Councils have been given a leading role to reduce health inequalities and premature deaths, and improve health and wellbeing. This presents an enormous opportunity but it comes in the context of significant financial constraint.

Councils therefore have a clear objective to implement public health initiatives and disease-prevention programmes which deliver results that are good value for money. The best way of achieving this is by applying evidence-based solutions that ensure a return on investment in the long term.

NICE has been providing evidence based solutions for public health since 2005. We have already produced a library of guidance which recommends the most effective ways of promoting physical activity and tackling issues like smoking, alcohol misuse and obesity. NICE also has new responsibilities to produce guidance for social care.

If you are an officer, an elected member or councillor, or a member of a Health and Wellbeing Board, this page will point you to some of the products and resources available from NICE.

NICE local government briefings

These briefings provide advice for local government on the public health actions that are most effective and provide best value for money, based on our guidelines.

Guidelines for public health and social care.

Our guidelines make evidence-based recommendations to local government, the NHS, social care and other organisations on how to improve the health and well being of individuals and local communities. We produce guidelines on a wide range of topics – use the browse categories in our guidance section to explore further. You can browse by

You can also browse a list of all of our published and indevelopment public health guidelines.

Tools for calculating return on investment

We have developed three return on investment tools, designed to support investment decisions on tobacco, alcohol and physical activity by commissioners and policy makers in local authorities

Get involved

There are a number of ways for those working in local government to get involved in our work. NICE has set up a Local Government Reference Group to help develop new products and build relations with local government.

Public health outcomes framework

Want to know how NICE public health guidelines map onto the new public health outcomes framework? Our briefing will help local government meet the objectives outlined in the outcomes framework