This consultation is now closed


We consulted on the way we involve lay people in developing our guidance and standards. 

Thank you to everyone who commented. We will be reviewing your comments and working on ways to improve our processes.

Consultation description


We are reviewing our approach to how lay people can take part in developing our guidance and standards.

We have talked to our stakeholders (both inside and outside NICE) and reviewed studies on the best ways of involving people.

This information has been used to develop improved principles for engaging and involving people. We have also proposed specific changes to how we involve people in developing guidance and standards.

Summary of proposals

  • Standardising how we engage with and involve lay people across our guidance and standards programmes.

  • Involving people earlier and keeping them involved throughout the development process.

  • Being clearer on how we find information about people’s experiences of care and how we take account of that experience in our guidance.

  • Recruiting a broad pool of people with knowledge and experience of specific conditions or services. This group can be drawn on as needed to join decision-making bodies.

  • Introducing a formal feedback process. This will enable people who help develop our guidance and standards to be aware of the impact of their contribution.

  • Making better use of social media to:
    • communicate with people about our guidance and standards
    • make it easier for people to communicate with us.

  • Reinforcing the message among our staff that involving lay people is everyone’s responsibility.