Accreditation renewal process

Please note, the NICE accreditation programme stopped accepting new applications in September 2021 and the renewal programme is suspended.

Guidance producers with accreditation terms which were due for renewal since the suspension took effect are extended and so remain NICE-accredited until the future scope of the programme is updated.

Renewal process

The renewal process (Word) ensures that existing producers maintain the standards of accreditation. We will review their process and guidance examples every 5 years.

We'll maintain contact, and discuss the renewal process, with a producer during their 5 year term. This helps them to:

  • assess their readiness for renewal
  • understand how to apply.

Accreditation external advisers

The external advisers provide an independent and reliable renewal assessment. The advisers' responses inform the decision whether to renew the producer's accreditation term.

They may have expertise and experience in:

  • guidance and advice development
  • methodology
  • a specific topic or subject area
  • implementation or evaluation in:
    • a clinical practice
    • commissioning
    • social care
    • public health
    • a healthcare industry setting.

More information

If you're an accredited guidance producer and wish to speak to a member of the team, please email