How much could you save?

Estimate the cost savings you could make by implementing quality and productivity case studies in your service.

Ideal for:

  • business planning
  • service delivery 
  • estimating efficiency savings.

  Download the tool  (Excel)

Useful resource of some excellent work done across the NHS.

 Pharmacist - The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust

Will save clinicians a lot of work in service development and putting business plans together.

Elaine Miller, Clinical lead trauma and orthopaedics, Warrington and Halton NHS foundation Trust

Very user friendly and easy to access relevant information

Jeff Rowland, Service manager

How it works

The tool contains cost saving information for our quality and productivity case studies.  All you need to do is: 

  • enter your region
  • enter you local population size
  • work out how applicable a case study is to your region. 

The tool will generate estimated savings for each case study that you assess, as well as an overall savings total.

Quality and productivity case studies

Quality and productivity case studies are real-world examples that show how organisations can improve the quality of care whilst making cost savings.

We work with the submitting organisation to make sure the case studies are accurate and viable. All costing information is validated by us and the case studies are reviewed by at least 2 external advisors.

Quality and productivity case studies contain examples from a range of trusts and organisations across health and social care, they are not limited to the implementation of NICE guidance.