This tool can help decision making at local levels. It supports the estimation of programme costs and the identification of programme benefits across different payback timescales. This tool is a beta version and we welcome your feedback.

The tool reports ROI metrics that are already available for social and emotional wellbeing. Where data are missing the outputs are reported as a cost per effect and/or a wider societal benefit .

How to use the social and emotional wellbeing tool

  1. Geographical data

    • Select an area you want to analyse. This can be either a local authority or CCG.
    • You can choose to save your package for future use at any time during the process, but you must be logged in to do so.
    • If you want to save and print your report as a PDF, please use the tool in Google Chrome.
  2. Population groups

    • Select a single, or multiple, population group(s).
    • Click on each population group to find out more.
    • You can customise this data to suit your local needs.
  3. Wellbeing interventions

    • Select one or more interventions from the range offered.
    • You can find out more about each intervention by opening the 'more info' link next to each one.
    • By clicking on each intervention you can allocate the percentage of your population who receive it and, if appropriate, (re)set the estimates of effectiveness and costs.
    • You can also add custom interventions.
  4. Summary

    • This shows the area you have chosen and the population(s) and interventions you have selected.
    • Review your choices and make any necessary adjustments.
    • When you're ready, calculate your package.
  5. Calculations

    • Adjust the modifiers at the top of the page to see figures for a specific set of data.
    • View your results, including an overview, metrics and a full report.