This tool can help decision making in tobacco control. It works at both a local and sub-national level. This tool is a beta version and we welcome your feedback.

The tool allows the user to evaluate a portfolio of interventions in their geographical area. It then models the expected economic returns in different payback timescales. Different interventions, including pharmacotherapies and support and advice, can be mixed and matched to see which package(s) gives the best value for money, compared with no interventions.

The tool builds on previous work including work undertaken by the Health Economics Research Group (HERG) at Brunel University on behalf of Tobacco Free Futures, Fresh Smoke Free North East and Smoke Free South West.

How to use the tobacco tool

  1. Geographical data

    • Select an area you want to analyse. This can be either a local authority or CCG.
    • You can choose to save your package for future use at any time during the process, but you must be logged in to do so.
    • If you want to save and print your report as a PDF, please use the tool in Google Chrome.
  2. Population groups

    • Select a single, or multiple, population group(s).
    • Click on each population group to see more details.
    • You can customise this data to suit your local needs.
  3. Individual interventions

    • Select one or more interventions from the range offered.
    • You can find out more about each intervention by opening the 'more info' link next to each one.
    • By clicking on each intervention you can allocate the percentage of your population who receive it and, if appropriate, (re)set the estimates of effectiveness and costs.
    • You can also add custom interventions.
  4. Sub-national programme

    • Select one or more option from the range offered.
    • You can find out more about the sub-national programme by opening the 'more info' link next to each one.
    • You can also add custom interventions.
  5. Summary

    • Shows the area you have chosen and the population(s) and interventions you have selected.
    • Review your choices and make any necessary adjustments.
    • When you're ready, calculate your package.
  6. Calculations

    • Adjust the modifiers at the top of the page to see figures for a specific set of data.
    • View your results, including an overview, metrics and a full report.


Use the excel tool

The excel version of this tool, technical reports, user guides and user videos are still available for you to use, for a limited time. The datasets in the excel version have been updated so results will differ to those produced by the web version. In addition, interventions recommended by NICE to prevent the uptake of smoking have been included in the latest excel version as have additional social care costs.

Excel tool