Cost saving and resource planning (previously savings and productivity)

Our guidance and advice can help you to make the best use of resources.

Use our tools to plan ahead, explore opportunities for saving money and make decisions on the most effective way to use your resources.

Cost-saving guidance

We’ve identified the guidance that could generate cost savings when implemented. Implementing guidance may generate savings or increase productivity by freeing up resources and capacity that can be used for other services. 

Cost saving guidance features:

  • summaries explaining how implementing the guidance saves money
  • links to resource impact tools that let you calculate local savings
  • estimates of the savings per 100,000 population and national savings for England.

Planning for the impact of guidance on resources

Our resource planner gives you indicative costs or savings for guidance. Understand the resource implications of upcoming guidance as well as already published guidance.

  • Resource impact profiles show costs and savings over 5 years where possible.
  • Colour coded categories show cost saving, cost neutral, low cost, medium cost, and high cost guidance.