Medicines optimisation: key therapeutic topics summarise the evidence-base on topics identified to support medicines optimisation, but are not formal NICE guidance.

These topics are selected and prioritised therapeutic areas where there are potential opportunities for maintaining or improving quality and improving value from our use of medicines. Releasing resources from one area of health care while maintaining or improving quality of care means those resources are available for use elsewhere, for example - the prescribing of innovative medicines.

The selection of metrics to support these topics is overseen by the NHS England Medicines Optimisation Intelligence Group, and work is ongoing in this area.

The 2018 update of 'medicines optimisation: key therapeutic topics' has been published.

Individual therapeutic topics can be accessed via the ‘view the key therapeutic topics’ link on the right hand side of this page.

Consultation for the 2019 update

We're in the process of updating the medicines optimisation: key therapeutic topics.

A consultation on the topics to be included in the update was carried out in July and August 2018. The final list of key therapeutic topics for the update has been agreed. You can view the final list of topics and responses to comments received during the consultation in the following documents:

Key therapeutic topics 2019 update: final list of topics (September 2018) PDF

Responses to comments received during consultation for the 2019 update (September 2018) PDF

The consultation on a draft of the medicines optimisation: key therapeutic topics document to be updated in March 2019 ran from 30 November 2018 to 8 January 2019. This consultation is now closed.  


More information

Our integrated process statement sets out how we select topics and prepare the documents.

Past consultations