This consultation is now open:


The consultation on our data and analytics statement of intent is open.

The statement of intent outlines how we are looking to broaden the sources of data we use to develop our guidance and evaluate its effect. 

Time period

The consultation runs from Thursday 13 June to Friday 13 September 2019.

Make sure you submit your comments by 5pm, on Friday 13 September 2019. We won’t consider any comments submitted after this time.

How to take part


1. Read the statement of intent.

2. To comment, fill in our consultation survey.

Consultation description


We’d like to use broader sources of data in the future, including:

  • ‘real world data’, such as electronic health records
  • audits
  • registries
  • surveys.

We already use some of these data sources in specific situations. We’d like to extend their use, where appropriate. 

What the statement of intent includes

The statement of intent outlines:

  • the types of data we already use
  • what broader types of data we might consider making additional use of in the future
  • the circumstances under which these broader types of data might be used
  • a brief summary of some of the practical considerations of using these data sources
  • case studies outlining our existing use of these types of data.

What the statement of intent doesn’t include

The statement doesn’t cover the technical detail of how data will be collected, managed and analysed. We’re planning to consult on this at a later date.

Where can I find out more?

We will be running engagement workshops before the consultation closes. When we have more information about this, we’ll post times and dates on this page.

What will happen to my comments?


After the consultation has closed, the data and analytics steering group will meet to consider the comments.

NICE reserves the right to summarise and edit comments received during consultations, or not to publish them at all, where in the reasonable opinion of the Institute, the comments are voluminous, publication would be unlawful or publication would be otherwise inappropriate. NICE will not be providing feedback on individual comments, but will publish the overall outcome of the consultation.