This table lists NICE published clinical guidelines that have been transferred to the static list. Guidance is moved to the static list following consultation with consultees.

The following criteria have been applied to identify suitable guidelines to be placed on the static list:

  • No quality standard commissioned 


  • A previous full review which yielded a ‘no update' decision and at that time no major ongoing studies/research was identified as due to be published in the near future (that is within the next 3-5 years)

Clinical guidelines placed on the static list will be reviewed every 5 years to determine if they should remain on the static list. Routine surveillance every 2 years (as per the process for active guidelines) would not be carried out on guidelines transferred to the static list.

Consideration to transfer a clinical guideline back to the active surveillance list may occur in the following circumstances:

  • The high level review at 5 years yields new evidence which may impact on the guidance
  • Stakeholders notify NICE of relevant new evidence which may impact on guidance at any time point, for example safety data.
  • A quality standard is commissioned that relates to a guideline on the static list

Ref Title Date guidance published Review decision
CG110 A model for service provision for pregnant women with complex social factors Sep 2010 Review decision
CG77 Antisocial personality disorder: treatment, management and prevention Jan 2009 Review decision
CG106 Barrett's oesophagus - ablative therapy Aug 2010 Review decision
CG118 Colonoscopic surveillance Mar 2011 Review decision
CG123 Common mental health disorders May 2011 Review decision
CG83 Critical illness rehabilitation Mar 2009 Review decision
CG19 Dental recall Oct 2004 Review decision
CG84 Diarrhoea & vomiting in children under 5 Apr 2009 Review decision
CG93 Donor breast milk Feb 2010 Review decision
CG52 Drug misuse: opioid detoxification Jul 2007 Review decision
CG49 Faecal incontinence: the management of faecal incontinence in adults Jun 2007 Review decision
CG116 Food allergy Feb 2011 Review decision
CG139 Healthcare-associated infections: prevention and control in primary and community care Mar 2012 Review decision
CSG10 Improving outcomes for people with brain and other central nervous system tumours Mar 2017 Review decision
CSG9 Improving outcomes for people with sarcoma Mar 2006 Review decision
CG76 Medicines adherence: involving patients in decisions about prescribed medicines and supporting adherence Jan 2009 Review decision
CG104 Metastatic malignant disease of unknown origin Jul 2010 Review decision
CG75 Metastatic spinal cord compression: diagnosis and management of adults at risk of and with metastatic spinal cord compression Nov 2008 Review decision
CG151 Neutropenic sepsis: prevention and management of neutropenic sepsis in cancer patients Sep 2012 Review decision
CG31 OCD and BDD Nov 2005 Review decision
CG140 Palliative care for adults: strong opioids for pain relief July 2016 Review decision
CG69 Respiratory tract infections Jul 2008 Review decision
CG112 Sedation in children and young people Dec 2010 Review decision
CG16 Self-harm: The short-term physical and psychological management and secondary prevention of self-harm in primary and secondary care Jul 2004 Review decision
CG143 Sickle cell disease: managing acute painful episodes in hospital Jun 2012 Review decision
CG60 Surgical management of OME Feb 2008 Review decision
CG109 Transient loss of consciousness ('blackouts') in over 16s Aug 2010 Review decision
CG148 Urinary incontinence in neurological disease: management of lower urinary tract dysfunction in neurological disease Aug 2012 Review decision
CG89 When to suspect child maltreatment Jul 2009 Review decision
CSGBC Improving outcomes in breast cancer Dec 2014 Review decision
CSGHN Service guidance on improving outcomes in head and neck cancers Apr 2002 Review decision