This table lists NICE published public health guidelines that have been transferred to the static list. Guidance is moved to the static list following consultation with consultees.

The following criteria have been applied to identify suitable guidelines to be placed on the static list:

  • No quality standard commissioned


A previous full review which yielded a 'no update' decision and at that time no major ongoing studies/research was identified as due to be published in the near future (that is within the next 3-5 years).

Public health guidelines placed on the static list will be reviewed every 5 years to determine if they should remain on the static list. Routine surveillance (as per Developing NICE guidelines: the manual) would not be carried out on guidelines transferred to the static list.

Consideration to transfer a public health guideline back to the active surveillance list may occur in the following circumstances:

  • The high level review at 5 years yields new evidence which may impact on the guidance.
  • Stakeholders notify NICE of relevant new evidence which may impact on guidance at any time point.
  • A quality standard is commissioned that relates to a guideline on the static list.

Ref Title Date guidance published Review decision
PH5 Workplace interventions to promote smoking cessation April 2007 Review decision
PH42 Obesity: working with local communities November 2012 Review decision
PH56 Vitamin D: increasing supplement use in at-risk groups November 2014 Review decision