This consultation has now closed


We launched a 6 week public consultation on proposed amendments to the technology appraisal (TA) process.

Thank you to everyone who commented. The consultation document is available for reference below.


Consultation description

NICE is proposing amendments to the TA process to enable more topics to be processed through the current 4 appraisal committees. Increasing demand means that the current appraisal process will be unable to cope with the number of appraisals the Institute will be asked to undertake, within the next two years.

The proposed adjustments retain the familiar elements of the current single technology appraisals (STA), while aligning them more efficiently.

Summary of proposals

  • Provide clear, recognisable milestones for companies and other stakeholders, linking them to key stages in regulatory pathways. This should allow more time for NICE to engage with companies early in the appraisal process.

  • Release capacity for the appraisal committees as more of the scientific and technical elements are pulled forward into the workup of topics. This should allow us to publish up to 75 appraisals, using the same committee resource that is now available.

  • Enhance our ability to deliver the ambitions set out in the Accelerated Access Review and the emerging Life Sciences Strategy, when required to do so.