The consultation on potential new NICE indicators closed on 29 February 2016.  Thank you to everyone who submitted comments.

What happens next:

In June 2016, the indicator advisory committee will meet to consider:

  • The results of this consultation
  • The results of a pilot across a sample of general practices, for potential QOF indicators
  • Feasibility testing for potential CCG OIS indicators by the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

The committee will make recommendations to the NICE Guidance Executive about which indicators should be included on the NICE menu. We will publish these recommendations in August 2016, alongside the new indicators.  If you have any questions, please contact the team.

Consultation comments are published as a record of the submissions received - the publication is not an endorsement by NICE, our officers or advisory committees.

We reserve the right to edit or not include comments, where:

  • comments are too long
  • publication would be unlawful
  • publication would be inappropriate.