Using NICE products

NICE guidance

Evidence-based recommendations developed by independent committees, including professionals and lay members, and consulted on by stakeholder.

NICE guidance aims to give everyone access to high-quality care and provide best value for the NHS and social care.

It helps new treatments and technologies to be made available in the NHS and care sector.

It helps professionals and people using services make informed decisions about care.

Find out about best care across health and social care topics

NICE guidelines: Review the evidence across broad health and social care topics.

Find out if a new medical device is a good use of NHS resources

Medical technologies guidance: Review new medical devices for adoption in the NHS.

Find out if a treatment must be available for a specific condition

Technology appraisal guidance: Review clinical and cost effectiveness of new treatments.

Find out if a diagnostic device or tool is a good use of NHS resources

Diagnostics guidance: Review new diagnostic technology for adoption in the NHS.

Find out if a procedure is safe and effective to use in the NHS

Interventional procedures guidance: Review the efficacy and safety of procedures.

NICE standards and indicators

Support quality improvement and delivery of high-quality care, based on NICE or NICE-accredited guidance.

Create a local performance dashboard to assess local services

NICE indicator menu: Measures based on outcomes or processes for health and care.

NICE advice

A range of products that critically assess and summarise the latest evidence.

NICE advice supports commissioning and clinical decision-making in the NHS.

They do not include recommendations and are not formal NICE guidance.

Find out about medicines when there is no NICE guidance

Evidence summaries: Review the best available evidence for selected medicines.

Find out about antimicrobials when there is no NICE guidance

Antimicrobial prescribing evidence summaries: Review the evidence for selected antimicrobials.

Find information on new technologies when there is no NICE guidance

Medtech innovation briefings: Review the evidence and likely costs of medical devices and technologies.

More support from NICE

Further tools and resources to support the use of our guidance, or to provide information on topics when no NICE guidance is available.

Get information and support to put NICE guidance into practice

Implementation support tools: Resources supporting the use of NICE guidance.

Make primary care decisions based on the current evidence

Clinical knowledge summaries: Information and evidence on primary care best practice.

Find up-to-date information about medicines and prescribing

British National Formulary (BNF) and BNF for children: Current information on medicines.