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Is acupuncture effective in reducing alcohol consumption compared with standard care?
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Why this is important:- Non-pharmacological treatments are an important therapeutic option for people with alcohol-related problems. There is an evidence base for acupuncture in reducing craving but not alcohol consumption in a number of small trials. The evidence for pharmacological treatments (for example, acamprosate or naltrexone) and psychological treatments (for example, cognitive behavioural therapies and social network and environment-based therapies) is modest at best and the treatments are not effective for everyone. Anecdotal evidence suggests that acupuncture, like psychological treatment, is valued by service users both in alcohol misuse and substance misuse services (although the evidence base for effectiveness is weak). The results of this study will have important implications for increased treatment choice in the NHS for people who misuse alcohol.

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Alcohol-use disorders: diagnosis, assessment and management of harmful drinking (high-risk drinking) and alcohol dependence
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February 2011

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