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Long-term safety of ovarian stimulation and ovulation induction for women:- Is there an association between ovulation induction or ovarian stimulation and adverse long-term (over 20 years) effects in women in the UK?
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Why this is important:- Women need to be reassured that it is safe to undergo ovulation induction and ovarian stimulation and that these interventions will not lead to significant long-term health issues, especially ovarian malignancy. Both treatments are common in the management of infertile women. The use of ovarian stimulation in IVF is particularly important as IVF is the final treatment option for most causes of infertility. During the course of the review for this guideline update the GDG commented on the paucity of long-term research on the subject, despite the fact that the treatments have been established practice for over 30 years. The longest length of follow-up in the studies reviewed was 20 years, and the larger studies had shorter follow-up periods.

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Fertility problems: assessment and treatment
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February 2013

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Last Reviewed 27/02/2013