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Negative pressure wound therapy:- Does negative pressure wound therapy (with appropriate dressing) improve the healing of pressure ulcers, compared with the use of dressing alone in adults with pressure ulcers?
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Why this is important:- Negative pressure wound therapy is used for a variety of wounds, including pressure ulcers. It aims to assist healing, reduce the surface area of a wound and remove wound exudate. Negative pressure wound therapy creates a suction force which helps drain the wound and promote wound healing. There is evidence to suggest some benefit in the use of negative pressure wound therapy in other wound areas (for example, surgical wounds) but there is limited evidence to support its use for pressure ulcers.
Negative pressure wound therapy is used variably across the NHS and many trusts have purchased or hired negative pressure wound therapy pumps. There would be benefits to patients and the NHS in establishing whether negative pressure wound therapy improves the healing of pressure ulcers.

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Pressure ulcers: prevention and management
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April 2014

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Last Reviewed 23/05/2014