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A high-quality test accuracy study is needed for the BRAHMS sFlt‑1 Kryptor/BRAHMS PLGF plus Kryptor PE ratio test, using thresholds defined by the company, done in a population independent from that used to establish the test's thresholds, and with the test used as intended in the NHS.

Further research is recommended on repeat PLGF (placental growth factor)‑based testing, with standard clinical assessment, in women presenting with suspected preterm pre-eclampsia, who have had a previous PLGF‑based test result (see section 3.7). This should include:

- exploring the different scenarios in which repeat testing may be indicated

- the appropriate intervals between PLGF‑based tests

- the diagnostic accuracy of repeat PLGF‑based testing in women with suspected preterm pre-eclampsia.

Further research is recommended into how well the tests work when women are pregnant with more than 1 baby to find out if different cut-offs are needed (see section 3.15).

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PLGF-based testing to help diagnose suspected preterm pre-eclampsia
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July 2022

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Last Reviewed 31/07/2022