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Medication for promoting de-escalation:- Which medication is effective in promoting de-escalation in people who are identified as likely to demonstrate significant  violence?

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Why this is important:- Although there are studies that demonstrate the value of medication in the management of violence and aggression, there is little information on management before violence becomes overt. Often pro re nata (p.r.n.) medication is given at this point but there is little evidence of efficacy. It is clearly preferable to avoid violence whenever possible.
This question should be addressed by a randomised controlled trial in which people at risk of becoming violent are randomised, with their consent, to 1 or more of the medications commonly used to effect rapid tranquillisation or other medication not normally used for this purpose. Outcomes should include measures of violence, degree of sedation, acceptability of the medication and adverse effects, all recorded over a suitable timescale to match the pharmacokinetic properties of the drugs.

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Violence and aggression: short-term management in mental health, health and community settings
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May 2015

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